Hooking JIT compiler of .NET applications

Presentation about hooking technique to intercept and modify IL code when passed to Just-in-Time compiler of .NET applications.

Samourai Wallet - Analysis of PIN Authentication & Cryptographic Implementation

Introduction Samourai Wallet is a free and open source (FOSS), non custodial Bitcoin wallet software that focus on privacy and anonymity when interacting with the Bitcoin network. It is availabl...

CVE-2021-30357 - Arbitrary file read as root in Check Point VPN client

Description The software Check Point VPN SNX (SSL Network Extender) client v800007075 for Linux installer sets SUID bit causing it to run as a privileged used on the system. It also has an infor...

Bug Bounty - Session Takeover in BMW Shops via XSS - HackerOne

Description Details removed due to change of report status (N/A to open) https://hackerone.com/reports/840871